Vehicle Paint & that Lustrous Shine

We all want our car to maintain that lustrous shine that it had when you first drove it off the lot, but that’s often impossible. The sun and weather can wreak havoc, dulling that shine from very moment you buy the vehicle. But a vehicle paint restoration (or a complete vehicle repaint) will bring your car’s factory shine back.

Not to mention how a collision may impact your car’s paint job. However, the experts here at Collision Center of Andover have the skills to breathe life back into your car’s paint job.

The Practicality of a Paint Restoration

Opting for a complete paint restoration isn’t purely for vanity, either. Having a beautiful car will help to maintain its value in the event you ever want to sell it.

And if your vehicle is on the older side, more than thirty years or so, then there’s a chance that oxidation might have already begun to set in, leaving unsightly blotches all over your car, and a full repaint may be the only avenue for bringing it back to life.

We here at Collision Center of Andover will go through every effort in the vehicle paint process to ensure that your car looks the way you want for as long as possible. We guarantee paint match with your car’s original color when doing repairs, but in certain situations, a blending of the adjacent panels will be necessary.

From there, the amount of time your new paint job will last will depend a lot on environmental factors, and the conditions in which it’s driven and stored. If you want your paint job to last as long as possible, store it out of direct sunlight, either in a garage or with a cover. However, simply washing and waxing your car regularly can dramatically extend the life of your paint job.

Vehicle Repaint Services in the Wichita area

If you are interested in finding out more about our full paint restoration service or any of the other services that we offer, contact us today and see just how we can help you! We are your full body shop for Andover, Wichita and the surrounding area.