When Will My Car be Ready? 9 Things that Can Slow Down Repairs

From Estimate to Fixed: Factors determining how long your car will be in the shop

Having been the premiere auto body shop for Andover and Wichita since 2006, Collision Center of Andover are experts at putting your damaged car back to the way it was. Not only do our experienced car technicians know how to get the job done, we know how long this process can be expected to take AND all the factors that cause delays in getting your vehicle fixed as soon as possible.

Graphic image with icons of car repair: When Will Car Be Ready?

The 1 question our customers ask the most: When will my car be ready?

Photo of beagle puppy with his head out of a moving vehicleWhen people need us to get their vehicle back in perfect condition, there really is just one question we get asked more than any other. You want to know when your car will be done. After all, it can be quite an inconvenience to not have your own personal vehicle. You probably know exactly where things are in your car: your umbrella, your ice scraper, your cup of change for a Spangles mudslide. We definitely understand your rush to get your car back and deal with as little auto repair time as possible. And so, we make every effort we can and anticipate every hurdle to get you back in your car or truck as soon as possible. In the meantime, while your vehicle is with us, we can arrange for you to have a rental. We are a concessionaire shop for Enterprise and have their vehicles on site for you to rent. We will make sure to have a vehicle here for you and will arrange the insurance billing at your request.

So, what’s the answer? When will we get your vehicle done?

We wish we could give you an exact answer. But the fact is, we can’t. And believe us, we really, really wish we could. The simple fact is we just don’t know. It almost pains us to tell you that. With a team of car guys with decades of experience fixing cars day in and day out (heck, Jeff alone has nearly 30 years’ experience!), you would think we would be the local auto body shop to know this answer.

There is a good reason why we can’t predict with 100% accuracy how long it will take for us to repair your car. Actually, there are 9 reasons. And many of those reasons are outside the control of our technicians and repair shop, at least until we learn how to control mother nature.

Graphic image with vehicle parts icons: 9 Factors that Determine Car Repair

9 Factors that Determine Auto Repair Time
  1. Photo of cars covered in snow and ice along a streetFirst, what time of year is it?
    Is it a nice spring day, or is it the day after central Kansas’ first ice storm of the winter season? If our area’s first mix of ice and sleet covered roads from Andover to Goddard, there are likely hundreds (or more) of other people across the Wichita area who are taking their car or truck to the repair shop at the same time as you. While we want to get to work on your car right away, you may be waiting in line… at ANY repair shop across the area.
  1. Photo of an insurance adjuster inspecting damage on a vehicle with a flashlightWho is your insurance?
    Depending on your answer, this could be the most substantial delay to work getting done. We have great experience in the entire process, and that includes working with insurance companies to avoid delays. But the truth is, each insurance company operates differently. While Collision Center technicians can get started without any delay when certain insurance companies are involved, other insurance companies may require an extensive approval process, taking days or every several weeks! While we can’t control how long some insurance companies will take to allow us to get your car repair started, you can trust Collision Center of Andover to do what it takes to help insurance companies expedite their process whenever we can.
  1. Woman on the phone looking distressed with a very damaged vehicle behind her tangled up in a treeIs there more damage hiding?
    Once we get the insurance approval, we can get straight to work on repairing your vehicle. That often starts with us tearing down your vehicle. This is where new issues can arise. It’s very possible that while we are getting a closer look inside your vehicle, we will find additional damage that wasn’t visible until AFTER we took it apart. If that happens, we will work quick to handle any new orders for parts or any further coordination with the insurance company.
  1. Does your vehicle need to go to the dealership?
    There are times when a repair job will require work to be done by the dealership. This may be because of insurance requirements or warranty specifications. In any case, taking your car to a dealership means the repair is temporarily out of our hands. Just as we effort to expedite work with insurance companies, we are quick to work closely with your dealership to avoid any unnecessary delays. Once they can get their part of the work done, we are ready to take over.
  1. Road closed sign with traffic cones at a country highway covered in snowWhat’s the weather like in other parts of the country?
    Even if Kansas isn’t currently dealing with bad weather, a storm in our neighboring states could still affect how long it will take your car to get done. Fortunately, many parts are available here in the Wichita area. But sometimes parts needed for repairs come from outside Kansas, such as from Denver, Oklahoma or Texas. Usually when we need to order parts, we can have them on hand in a day. But as we’ve seen happen, roads like I-70 are prone to be shut down during and after a big snow storm and can delay how soon your parts get to us.
  1. What type of car do you have? Is it uncommon?
    If you’re driving a foreign car or some other less common vehicle, we may need to order parts that could take a while to get delivered to us. But if you drive a Ford, Chevy, Honda or other common vehicle on our roads, delays for parts are usually minimal, if at all. Also, if your car is rather old (more than 10 years), it may require parts that aren’t as common and quick to receive. And having a vehicle that isn’t being manufactured anymore (like an Oldsmobile or Saturn) could also mean a delay in getting your car’s parts.
  1. How high-tech is your car?
    The more technology your vehicle has, the more there is for us to fix. Nowadays, there are some cars with sensors everywhere. So that little dent on your bumper that used to be a quick fix to smooth out, now comes with the complication of us needing to address all the technology that has been installed into that bumper.
  1. Raindrops on a blue carLet’s talk weather again: Has it been raining?
    If it has, and your vehicle’s repair job is going to require painting, that could add time. Paint dries slowly in humid conditions. Although we are so close to being done at this point, it is possible rainy conditions mean one more day of waiting for you.
  1. And lastly – it’s the little things.
    Because we are going to make sure that your car is put back to the way it was before the accident, we take care of all the details. From the air bag light to the trim pieces – for every little issue that could be broken or affected by the wreck, we check it and we fix it.

Collision Center tech doing paint job on truck in Andover auto shopBottom line, for us at Collision Center of Andover, it’s about getting your car back in shape AND it’s about getting you back on the road in your car as soon as possible. Know that we will work quickly to repair your vehicle and know that you can trust we won’t cut any corners. We even offer a lifetime guarantee of the work we do.

When can we Guarantee a Delivery Date?

While we may not be able to give you an exact answer when you first bring your vehicle in for repairs, after the vehicle is inspected and parts are sourced, we can give you a delivery date. We will contact you immediately after repairs are done and our quality inspection is complete. Preference of being contacted by phone, email or text communication can be requested when you drop off your vehicle.

We Have a Habit of Delivering on Time

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, and that is why you will see on Google that we are filled with 5-star reviews! In fact, many of those glowing reviews thank us for doing excellent work in the time we estimated it would take. Here are just a sample of recent reviews from Collision Center of Andover customers extremely satisfied with their wait time and repair work.

Graphic image with customer reviews commending Collision Center of Andover for excellent, quick work fixing their vehicle

We hope you call on us for your next repair. We are just a few minutes’ drive outside of Wichita on Andover road. Call us at (316) 733-9310.


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