Collision Center of Andover technician working on an auto body repair to handle paintless dent repair on a gold truck.

Avoid DIY Paintless Dent Repair – Hire a Pro!

We’ve heard this story all too much. You’re carrying something out to your car, and it just gets away from you. Before you realize it, your beloved car has a modest dent that you’ll never live down.

Or maybe you’re in the parking lot and the shopping cart just happens to get away from you.

There are countless reasons your car may receive a ding or a dent, and countless DIY paintless dent repair kits that you can buy in an attempt to repair the damage. While these options may be tempting to any car owner out there, we at the Collision Center of Andover recommend that you avoid this route.

20180607 130546 495x400 - Avoid DIY Paintless Dent Repair – Hire a Pro!The Truth about Paintless Dent Repair Kits

The good DIY kits can be about as expensive as having the expert technicians here perform the repair, and you want to completely avoid the cheaper one.

Typically, the high-end DIY kits expect you to perform the repairs similar to how the pros like us would – from the inside. Most dents are best repaired by gently nudging the metal from behind.

As you might imagine, this requires that you gain access those panels by first removing any trim in the way. From there, it takes an expert (and a surprisingly artistic) touch to make everything look as good as new.

Ultimately, though, that’s the important part of dent repair. It’s less about tools and mechanical knowledge, and more about the touch. If you have a modest dent, it may seem like you can grab a shaping hammer and just give it a few light bumps to make it right as rain, but that’s rarely the case.

Shaping Metal is an Art

Metal won’t just pop back into place that easily. It tends to hold its shape. Meaning, no matter how simple the dent might seem, in order to repair it, you’ll be reshaping the material to match what it originally looked like. This can sometimes be a painstaking process, and messing it up in any way can only make the dent more difficult to repair.

The end result may not only be the cost of a DIY repair kit, but also the increased cost of having the professionals here at the Collision Center of Andover repair it back to its original splendor. At this point, it may not only be a matter of fixing the repair, but also hiding an obvious embarrassment.

If you’ve got a minor dent (or a few!) be sure to consider Collision Center of Andover’s paintless dent repair. It’s typically fast and relatively cheap.

If you are interested in finding out more about our paintless dent repair service or any of the other services that we offer, contact us today and see just how we can help you!

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