We know that accidents are pain and you can’t always get off from work to go get multiple estimates for your insurance company.  The good news is that you don’t have to!  Please feel free to use our automated quote request form, upload a few pictures from your phone and we will e-mail you back a written and detailed estimate.  If you need a guaranteed estimate, please stop by our facility in 948 N. Andover Rd Andover, KS with the vehicle and we can provide one of those as well.

Please keep in mind that the State of Kansas insurance regulations do not require you to get more than one estimate for an insurance company.  In fact, most local insurance companies also have staff appraisers that can provide you an estimate, after your claim has been submitted.  But if you want to get an idea if the damage is worth turning in a claim for, all you have to do is point and click and we will get you an answer to that question.

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